US shoots down new flying ‘craft’ six days after Chinese balloon destroyed


A flying object was destroyed over Alaska by an American fighter plane. The safety of civil aircraft was engaged.

Second act in the United States espionage case. This Friday, February 10, the American armed forces shot down a new flying machine in the sky of Alaska, in northwestern Canada. John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, spoke to reporters, saying this is a ” object “, moving at high altitude – 12,000 m – without specifying its nature. He describes it as a device of “the size of a small car”and large enough to put “a threat to air traffic safety”. The craft in question would be smaller than the famous Chinese spy balloon observed last weekend and has been circulating in the air since Thursday.

The craft was spotted above the township of Deadhorse. Alaska is a mining state and rich in hydrocarbons. // Source: Numerama

Two F-22 fighter jets had approached the object and believed there was no one on board. This information was communicated to President Joe Biden when he made his decision. Pentagon press secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder confirmed that an F-22 shot down the object. The latter fell in the frozen American waters, its debris field was “ much, much smaller that the balloon shot down last week off South Carolina. THE

We will remain vigilant on our airspace said John Kirby. ” The President considers his obligations to protect our national security interests to be paramount “.

A vast spy campaign

This craft was spotted only six days after the destruction of a Chinese spy balloon. The latter had crossed the United States long before being shot down over the Atlantic Ocean. According to the US State Department, the balloon was of Chinese origin and intended to gather information. In particular, what to intercept different types of communication.

The spy balloon seen by an American citizen in the state of montana.  // Source: Chase Doak
The spy balloon seen by an American citizen in the state of montana. // Source: Chase Doak

Three other balloons have already been observed under the presidency of Donald Trump two years ago. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called his Chinese counterpart through their Special Crisis Line, but Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe declined to answer, according to the Pentagon.

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Cyber ​​espionage is still so in 2022. // Source: Dall-E / Numerama

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