Valérie Trierweiler: what did she know about the relationship between François Hollande and Julie Gayet?

The couple Valérie Trierweiler / François Hollande was broken up following the “GayetGate” on January 10, 2014: the infidelity of the President of the Republic has come to light. His ex-partner, Valérie Trierweiler, did not think he was living a double life, behind his back.

On January 10, the Gayet Gate blew out its eighth candle. If time has now passed and the couple formed by François Hollande and Julie Gayet was able to resist this scandal, at the time, it is time for a huge controversy. The revelation of the relationship of the president then in place with the actress and producer Julie Gayet will spill some ink. It was also at this time that Valérie Trierweiler’s life turned upside down. She learned through the tabloid press that her companion François Hollande led a double life. As revealed Close in one of his issues, where there was a long file with photos proving the politician’s infidelity, for weeks he had spent his nights alongside Julie Gayet. It was on a scooter that he joined his lover at nightfall.

Has Valérie Trierweiler ever had suspicions about a possible infidelity? The answer is no. She believed in her story, hard as iron. I heard rumors, of course, but we heard them on everyone. I hear about myself too, all the time. I wasn’t paying attention. When I knew, it was as if I had fallen from a skyscraper “, she confided in January 2014 to Paris Match. Following this announcement, in shock, she cracks. After having a big argument at the Elysee Palace and a difficult night, she was hospitalized for several days at the Pitié-Salpêtrière before packing her bags and leaving the presidential palace, permanently.

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© VEEREN / BESTIMAGEJulie Gayet and François Hollande during the presidential campaign in 2011

Thanks for this moment

Then, to turn the page, she decided to tell her story in a book called Thanks for this moment, in which she looks back on these years spent with the politician … without mince words. If she has since found love with Romain Magellan, far from political life and its betrayals, Valérie Trierweiler does not lose an opportunity to say everything she thinks about his ex-companion.

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