VALORANT: The port of the FPS on consoles seems to be becoming clearer

Many players are waiting for the arrival of VALORANT on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, especially since Riot Games launched a recruitment campaign at the beginning of the year, to work on this version. If nothing has been formalized since, it could be done quite quickly.

Indeed, in the wake of the deployment of update 5.03, this August 9, a dataminer went to search the game files and came across key icons for PlayStation and Xbox controllers. This discovery can therefore be similar to the probable arrival of VALORANT on consoles, which becomes more and more precise. Remember that the developers, when the game was released, explained that they were ” open to explore new opportunities for other platforms “.

Nevertheless, and although a portage is in the pipeline, these images may simply be implemented in the files for controller support on VALORANT. For the moment, it is impossible to play other than with the keyboard and the mouse, but Riot Games could have worked to make support for the controller available on the FPS. We will know, whatever happens, a little more soon enough. Also remember that Riot is working on a mobile version of VALORANT, which has not been revealed further since its formalization.

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