VALUATION: Neon, skills and presentation of the Agent

Who is Neon?

Filipino Agent Neon soars forward at lightning speed, releasing large bursts of biomagnetic radiance frantically generated by his body. She sets off in pursuit of enemies who do not have time to prepare for them and eliminates them as fast as lightning.

Neon skills

Each Agent in VALUING has four unique abilities, allowing, depending on the predefined role, to protect and heal teammates or inflict heavy damage on opponents. The first two skills can be exchanged for credits, the third is free once per round while the fourth, the ultimate, will be charged according to your performance during the different rounds that make up a game. In view of its different skills, Neon is a duelist, who are independent fighters, their team expecting them to kill as many opponents as possible while causing a lot of fights.

Lightning relays

100 ¤ for 1 use

INSTANTLY launch a lightning bolt of energy that bounces once. Whenever it encounters a surface, the lightning electrifies the ground below with a burst of juice.


Top speed

200 ¤ for 2 uses

INSTANTLY charge Neon’s power to boost his speed. At the end of the charge, use SECONDARY FIRE to trigger an electric slide. You regain a slip charge for every two kills.



Free for 1 use

FIRE two energy lines into the ground in front of you that travel a short distance or until it hits a surface. They then rise up into walls of static electricity that block vision and deal damage to enemies that pass through them.


Ultra Speed

Ultimate skill

Unleash the full power and speed of Neon for a short while. SHOOT to channel its power into a deadly electric beam with high precision. Each kill resets its duration.

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