Valve makes Counter-Strike 2 official

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is doing quite well, Valve seems to want to step up a gear. If for several months already a rumor swells on the possible existence of a counter strike 2, things are getting official today. And it is notably on the official twitter account of CS:GO confirmation is made. Counter-Strike 2 is not only an ongoing project, but it should be released sometime in the summer of 2023 as a free CS:GO update.

Pending its official release, a test phase is organized to evaluate some of the features of Counter-Strike 2. However, these tests are currently reserved for a small portion of players only.

Some of the new features unveiled

Regarding the new features provided by this second part, many will be unveiled when it is released this summer. But those included in the test phase are already known. Thus we learn that smoke grenades will now interact with the environment and that they react to different elements such as lighting, shots and explosions.

Another novelty, the trickrate will no longer have any impact on movement, shooting or grenade throwing. Thanks to an update of the architecture and the use of subticks, the server will now be able to know the exact moment of a movement or an action.

Players will also be able to find some well-known cards but in a whole new light. Several improvements have been made to them in order to make them of better quality, in particular by the new lighting of Source 2 and by the realism brought to the materials as well as to the play of lights.

Finally, the Counter-Strike 2 interface has been completely redesigned. Beyond the aesthetic aspect of these changes, players should have easier access to important information about their current game.

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