Vanessa Mai: She talks about the marriage crisis with her Andreas

The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Vanessa Mai talks about the marriage crisis with her Andreas +++ Helene Fischer greets from above +++ Joey Kelly inspires fans with an Instagram post on Paddy’s birthday.

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December 7, 2022

Vanessa Mai talks about the marriage crisis with her Andreas

In her biography “I Do It Mai Way”, published at the beginning of November, Vanessa Mai, 30, unpacked about her first successes, defeats and the dark side of the music industry. Now the pop singer was a guest on the ZDF breakfast show “Volle Kanne” and spoke openly about a crisis that she went through in 2018. She entered the industry in her early 20s “full of motivation and dreams” only to realize “that people don’t like to follow their hearts.” She had to fight hard to be able to enjoy artistic freedom.

That’s why she went through a difficult time at the time, which also affected her marriage. After all, her husband Andreas Ferber, 39, is also her manager. Actually, Vanessa would have no problem with her work and private life overlapping, but “it became a disadvantage because I was so bad.” She explains: “I was really, really, really gross. I was young, I was totally lost, everything was upside down. I was just uncomfortable, I wasn’t me. I would have understood if he had divorced.” But her lover stood by her and all of that welded her even closer together. “He’s my soulmate, I wouldn’t have made it out without him,” she enthuses.

December 6, 2022

Helene Fischer sends Christmas greetings

While Santa is busy filling the boots, Helene Fischer, 38, is still hanging on the trapeze and is once again training diligently for her shows. But not without giving her fans a small, contemplative greeting. The entertainer shares a video on her official Instagram profile that shows her dancers rehearsing in a hall. Helene floats down out of nowhere on a trapeze – in sportswear and with a Santa hat on her head.

“Dear ones, I wish you a wonderful Santa Claus,” she says beaming, throws an air kiss into the camera and floats away again. Your followers are of course enthusiastic about the Christmas message from the hit queen and comment diligently. “This is by far one of the coolest videos ever !!”, says a fan. “The most beautiful Santa Claus I’ve ever seen”, praises another.

Joey Kelly wows fans with Instagram post for Paddy’s birthday

Joey Kelly, 49, is probably the favorite brother of all the Kelly family members… Yes, the musician and extreme athlete knows how to wrap his siblings around his little finger. First, Joey flattered Maite Kelly and congratulated her on Instagram on her 43rd birthday by posting a cute cuddly photo and calling herself the pop singer’s “favorite brother”, just a day later, yesterday Monday (December 5) was Michael Patrick Kelly, 45, on it. This time it’s a photo where both brothers put their fists forward just for fun.

“Happy Birthday @michael.patrick.kelly.official from your favorite brother even if you don’t know it,” Joey captioned the snap, adding a winking emoji. Then, as with sister Maite, he pointed out Paddy’s upcoming tour from February 2023. “I’ll definitely come by. Are you there too?” He asks his fans.

Joey’s followers naturally noticed the double “favorite brother” joke: “Joey, the favorite brother of all Kelly’s … and my favorite Joey,” writes one: r, for example.

December 5, 2022

Stefan Mross clears his Instagram account

Pop star Stefan Mross, 47, recently emphasized to “Bild” that after the separation from Anna-Carina Woitschack, 30, “he was still reveling in “beautiful memories”. The love gnawed at him a lot. Now Mross is making it short process and banishes the digital memories with his ex, who is already meeting someone new, from his Instagram account. There, alongside almost 38,000 followers, there are now zero posts.

Shortly before, joint recordings by Stefan Mross and Evelyn Burdecki, 34, made headlines. The singer enjoyed Warsaw nightlife with the reality TV starlet. The 2019 jungle camp winner shared a video that showed her dancing closely in the Explosion Club in her Instagram story, Stefan reposted it. The two are staying in the Polish capital for a TV production. When asked about RTL, Evelyn’s management said that there would be nothing to say about Mross.


Power woman Maite Kelly is celebrated by her brother Joey

On Sunday, December 4, 2022, Maite Kelly turned 43 – and numerous fans and friends insisted on leaving their congratulations on Instagram. The singer should have been particularly happy about the lines of a family member: Her “favorite brother” Joey Kelly, 49, congratulated her after a concert by the Kelly family in Berlin. The extreme athlete shared a cute picture on his Instagram channel: The birthday boy nestled close to his older brother and beamed happily at the camera.

For years, Joey has had a great wish: to finally be on stage again with his sister Maite as part of the Kelly family. It remains to be seen whether Maite will fulfill her brother’s wish. Nevertheless, he treats his younger sister to her solo success and points out her upcoming tour in her birthday post: From autumn 2023, the singer will be traveling all over Germany under the title “Love, Maite – The Happy Show”.

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