Vegan dessert: You only need 4 ingredients for the healthy chocolate avocado mousse

Chocolate avocado mousse
The creamy, healthy dessert made from just four ingredients

Creamy, fluffy, chocolatey – and all without cream, milk or egg!


You have a sweet tooth, but don’t want to overdo it with chocolate indulgence? Then this delicious dessert recipe is perfect for you.

A chilled chocolate mousse from the refrigerator is the perfect remedy for cravings – but for nutrition experts, the mixture of cream and sugar is of course only recommended as a rare dessert. Luckily, top chefs like Jamie Oliver have long since figured out how we can modify the chocolate dessert so that it is significantly healthier – but no less tasty.

Conjure up a chocolate dessert from just four ingredients

Whether as a sweet spread or a chocolate dessert to spoon: In the video you will find out which ingredients and which few preparation steps you need for the chocolate avocado mousse. And then: Bon appetit!

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