Verena Wriedt: The presenter mourns her husband

Verena Wriedt
The presenter mourns her husband

Verena Wriedt and her husband at an event in Berlin

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The husband of the presenter Verena Wriedt has died. The two had been married since 2014.

The presenter Verena Wriedt (46) mourns her husband Thomas. Your lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser explained on June 21st the “Bild”: “I can confirm that Mrs. Wriedt’s husband has passed away.” Wriedt does not want to provide any information about the circumstances of death: “My client will not comment on it and asks that the family’s privacy be respected.”

They just celebrated their wedding anniversary

The two had recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. She published it on Instagram in May a shared photo. Among other things, Wriedt explained: “We have been through so much together. We can do everything.” The couple married in 2014 and have a son.

In April 2014 at that time she also told the “Bild”that her husband’s marriage proposal was “really very romantic”. First of all, she took her son in her arms. But then she thought: “Wait a minute, I have to say ‘yes’ to Thomas.”