Véronique Mounier left TV for a whole new activity: “I have found my place and I feel useful”

The former columnist of Telematin, host of Love is in the meadow at its launch, from New look for a new life or even Without taboo completely changed activity. Véronique Mounier told us about her new life far from the plateau.

A little over two years ago, Véronique Mounier, who became known as a medical journalist with William Leymergie in Telematin in 2001 and which launched on M6 Love is in the meadow (yes! yes! remember, it was in 2006!) decided to change his life. However, her frank smile and her red hair made the heyday of the chains. Spotted by M6, she abandoned medical chronicles and hosted a number of bonuses like The big building site, Love is in the meadow so but also in the second part of the evening New look for a new life. On TF1, we live it in Sex in all its forms, on France 2 A week without …, on Chérie 25, she led the magazine’s interviews from 2012 to 2018 Without taboo… Why did she finally abandon the sets and the projectors? What is she doing now? Does he miss TV? The ex-host with the nice track record agreed to answer Tele-Leisure.

Télé-Loisirs: After 15 years on the air, what made you decide to abandon the television sets?

Veronique mounier : There was a click in 2018. In addition to the show Without taboo, I really enjoyed doing the interviews after reports, I had to conduct a medical program for the re-entry on Chérie 25 that I had been preparing for months. And she was close to my heart. The show fell through despite a contract. My father died the same year, I saw that as signs… But it had been running through my head for several seasons.

You have returned to your favorite territory, health, but out of the spotlight …

Better yet, prevention in health! I could have gone to medicine, but I chose a doctorate in pharmacy for the same reasons: preventing people from getting sick has always been my thing. I resumed my studies, two full years to complete my doctorate in pharmacy with a diploma in nutrition therapy and micronutrition. And I opened my practice.

“I found my passion”

What does your activity consist of?

I discovered a new specialty, functional medicine, where nutrition is very important. I listen to the patients and the dysfunctions of their whole organism, not organ by organ. For example, I also decipher extremely precise blood tests in order to support them with advice on nutrition and food supplements. It is like a police investigation where it is a question of avoiding falling ill, of not developing autoimmune or inflammatory diseases, cancer… Aging well! On the other hand, if there is suspicion of illness, I refer them to doctors. And it’s extremely rewarding to catch it early to avoid the worst. I am in prevention and it is fascinating.

Do you miss TV?

Not at all. I love what I do and totally moved on. But I don’t regret those fifteen years of TV. I did some really cool and funny things. I had a lot of fun working. It’s like TV was the teenage years of my life. Today more mature, I really found my passion. I feel in my place and in addition I feel useful.

Did you not feel like you “belonged” on TV?

When I did accompanying shows, I was sometimes told: “You have to be more animator, that you occupy the space“. Surely that didn’t suit me enough …

Have you kept friends in the audiovisual industry?

I have kept links with certain people but I am no longer on TV news at all. I am a fairly whole person so today I sleep, live, eat … in functional medicine and nutritherapy mode! (laughs) Besides, I’m still training so I’m very busy.

I am lucky to have had consultations quicklys “

Do you miss anything from this life before?

I miss teamwork. In my new job, I am alone with my patients and my files. On the other hand, TV has surely taught me to popularize with people who come into my office. Because you have to know how to listen and also transcribe medical things so that the patient is active.

A retraining often implies a change in standard of living. Was it complicated for you?

I kept my journalistic activities but no longer on TV. I write congress reports, which also allows me on the financial side to maintain my level of alopathic medicine. At the beginning, it was difficult but I was lucky to have had consultations quite quickly.

Is TV for you “never again”?

In life, you should never say never. Moreover in 2020, I was asked to make health prevention tablets for France Televisions: Health happiness. I accepted because it corresponded to my principles but I asked to be introduced as a doctor of pharmacy specializing in nutritherapy and micronutrition. And it certainly made me a little publicity! But if I had to come back fully to TV one day it would be to do the TV show I want.

We find you on the site Doctolib, but as a naturopath …

In fact, nutritherapy, still not very widespread in France, is not listed on Doctolib. Suddenly I am not in the right discipline … but you will see, things will develop: prevention is the future of health!

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