Victoires de la musique 2024: this little trick played by Rachida Dati to Cyril Féraud and Léa Salamé

In an article dedicated to Rachida Dati, L’Express revealed an astonishing anecdote about Rachida Dati. During the Victoires de la Musique, the Minister of Culture offered a funny moment to Léa Salamé and Cyril Féraud.

A little rap and French variety, that’s what the evening of February 9 had in store for France 2 viewers. The Victoires de la Musique celebrated Aya Nakamura, Shay, Damso, but especially Zaho from Sagazan who triumphed during the ceremony.

Newly arrived at the Ministry of Culture, Rachida Dati was obviously present in the audience. If we know the oratorical ease of the former Minister of Justice, particularly for punchliner her political adversaries, L’Express revealed to us a humorous side of the minister.

Rachida Dati joins the France Télévisions management team

This Monday March 11, in an article dedicated to the Minister of Culture, L’Express revealed a hilarious anecdote about Rachida Dati. Away from the cameras, on February 9 during the Victoires de la Musique, the minister decided to play tricks on the France Télévisions teams.

The former Minister of Justice was sitting quietly in the audience during the ceremony, when she had the idea of ​​entering the control room to come and tease the France Télévisions hosts, present live on stage.

Rachida Dati plays tricks on Léa Salamé and Cyril Féraud

During the Victoires de la Musique ceremony, Rachida Dati was in a teasing mood. The Minister of Culture decided to have fun with the France television teams who were broadcasting the exceptional evening dedicated to French song. The former Minister of Justice rose from her seat to join the management. She first greeted the journalists from France Télévisions, Cyril Féraud and Léa Salamé who presented the program. But according to the newspaper, she then grabbed a headset and a microphoneto address the presenters of the show.

“Hey, Stop flirting, you two!, would have launched Rachita Dati in the ears of Cyril Féraud and Léa Salamé. The journalists were not immediately able to identify his voice. In fact, the hosts thought they were speaking with the entertainment director. The hosts would have been on the verge of laughter but forced to keep their seriousness. The minister then continued her little act by commenting on the ceremony. But don’t stay in front of the camera, you!”, “I won’t buy his album…” she said, according to L’Express.

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