Video: 6 Simple Tips That Will Make You Immediately More Comfortable Naked

You will immediately feel more comfortable naked

With these simple tips, you will strengthen your self-confidence and immediately feel better.


Feel comfortable in your own skin? Well, unfortunately that's easier said than done. Women often look too critically at their own bodies. That's enough of that!

We ourselves are our greatest critics. This can sometimes help us achieve our goals. But especially when dealing with our body, our critical eye triggers one thing in particular: feeling unwell. Then we pinch our hips dissatisfied and look at our dents in the mirror with the corners of our mouth pulled down. Of course, completely unfounded!

This is how you strengthen your self-confidence

We reveal six tips on how you can reduce your insecurities and learn to feel really good in your own skin. Because: "It's not your thigh, darling. It's your head!" Carrie said to Charlotte in "Sex and the City". She is right!