Video: After radio silence: Sophia Thiel reports back on Instagram

After 21 months
Sophia Thiel is back on Instagram

Sophia Thiel's 1.1 million fans are happy about the fitness star's first post in a long time.


For almost two years no one has heard from the successful fitness blogger Sophia Thiel – but now she is back with a mysterious message to her fans.

In mid-2019, Sophia Thiel said goodbye to her fans with a video for a longer break – and then completely disappeared from the scene. It be you

"Lately it has become more and more difficult to be the Sophia that I actually am and that is exactly what I want to take the next few months for"

21 months have passed since this news item. And obviously her energy reserves are recharged, at least this is what her first post after the break suggests. You can find out what message she sent back in the video.

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