Video: Ann-Kathrin Götze shows her XXL wardrobe

Ann-Kathrin Götze shows her XXL wardrobe

The young family recently moved to Düsseldorf together.


Shortly after moving, Ann-Kathrin Götze shows her heart. No, not her husband Mario or their son Rome, but their huge shoe cabinet – and Rome seems enthusiastic too.

Model and influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze loves shoes. It's obvious when you see her huge shoe cabinet. The selection could almost compete with a small shoe shop – but is in Ann-Kathrin's walk-in closet.

Ann-Kathrin Götze: Private insights into your new home

And not only Ann-Kathrin's followers are impressed, but also her little son Rome, who is shown through mom's closet by Papa Mario. In the video you can see the cute family and take a look in Ann-Kathrin's wardrobe.