VIDEO Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine confused: she regrets having “scolded” her son during confinement

A live mea culpa. By receiving Gérard Miller, author of a documentary on the young generation, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine performed in It’s up to you a rare confidence about his son, particularly lax during confinement. The facilitator regrets his behavior.

There are things that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine no longer accepts in her children and the younger generation, in general. The mother of Antoine and Vasco, 17 and 9 years old, does not understand certain elements of their language and tries to ban their use of it during family meals. “Cheh’the fashionable slang word for ‘Well done for you’. I can’t bear to hear it in my children’s mouths. It’s mean and not funny. I almost prefer that they say swear words”, she confided in the columns of Gala. And if there was only that… Video games are also a taboo subject in the home, the blunderer on duty believing that her sons spend too much time in front of their console. “There are children’s demonstrations at my house!“, she revealed, the yellow laughter slung over her shoulder, when she had to confiscate the object of all the disputes.

“My son whom I scolded a lot, a lot”

Being the mother of a teenager is a complicated mission, accentuated by the closed-door confinement, during which the tensions between Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her boys redoubled. But with hindsight, and watching the report by Gérard Miller, The children of the century, they will never be the same again, his perception of this desperate youth, forced to “live like retirees” has evolved. Enough to arouse cravings for mea-culpa. “This documentary, I will show it to my son, whom I scolded a lot, a lot during the pandemic precisely because, he was part of this youth who sometimes did not respect the rules of confinement. I regret that I did“, she confessed. Certain testimonies disseminated during this film allowed her to open her eyes to the suffering of those she loves. “Gérard Miller, really, listening to you and listening to these young people, I said to myself: ‘Ok, there is something that you did not understand and did not grasp'”, concluded Nagui’s accomplice. Admitted fault, half forgiven in front of the game console?

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