Video: Cleaning FFP2 masks with this kitchen device

Disinfection in the oven
So you can reuse your FFP2 masks

Researchers at the University of Illinois have now found that the FFP2 masks can be disinfected at home. Practically!


Throw away the FFP2 mask after wearing it once? It doesn't have to be. With this trick you can easily disinfect them in the kitchen at home.

Cloth masks are child's play to clean: Put the laundry and you're done! With FFP2 masks, the whole thing is a little more difficult. The material and the filter would break in the washing machine. But throw it away after wearing it once? That would be financially difficult to bear and anything but sustainable. Fortunately, researchers found a way to make you wear the FFP2 mask more often.

Disinfect the FFP2 mask: It's easy in the kitchen

Two kitchen appliances are ideal for disinfecting the FFP2 mask. Bet you have at least one of the devices at home? You can see how it all works in the video.