Video: FFP2 mask – wearers of glasses must pay attention to this

FFP2 mask
Wearers of glasses must bear this in mind

If the mask does not fit correctly, not only does the glasses fog up – infection protection is also not guaranteed.


If you wear FFP2 masks and use them correctly, you can lose sight of the situation. See what you should be aware of here.

People who wear glasses know the problem only too well: When wearing mouth and nose protection, the air you breathe escapes upwards and the glasses steam up. This is not only quite annoying and nerve-wracking, in the case of FFP2 masks it also shows that they do not fit correctly and do not reliably protect the wearer from a virus infection.

An FFP2 mask must be able to do that

There are a few solutions to the known problem – but not all of them are equally effective. You can find out in the video which trick works best for the mixture of glasses and mask and what you should also pay attention to when buying FFP2 masks.

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