VIDEO – Guillaume Genton dad: a photo of his baby revealed in Touche pas à mon poste, big discomfort live

By Atika Mahmoudi


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The columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” saw his life take on another meaning on February 10, 2024. He and his partner Jade welcomed their first child. A son whose first name was revealed on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, this Monday, February 12, on C8. A photo was also published on air. And it caused a lot of reaction.

Guillaume Genton became a father for the first time © C8

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A new week begins for the columnists of Do not touch My TV (C8). And it started with excellent news: Guillaume Genton became a father for the first time on February 10, 2024. But the announcement of the birth of his son did not go as planned.

A photo of Guillaume Genton’s baby revealed

The news was revealed by our colleagues at Audience last October 13. His companion Jade Seguineau, known for having participated in the W9 show The princes and princesses of love as a contender for candidate Bastien Grimal, was pregnant with their first child. A news on which the columnist of Do not touch My TV remained discreet. But he agreed that the birth of his baby be discussed in the C8 show. “There’s big news, brothers, big news. You became a dad“, declared Cyril Hanouna before taking Guillaume Genton in his arms.

The 49-year-old presenter then confided that his columnist had agreed to reveal a photo exclusively in TPMP. So, after learning that his son’s name was Jules Titouan, C8 viewers discovered a cliché. “He’s cute, isn’t he?“, launched the charming blonde. If Valérie Benaïm or even Géraldine Maillet confirmed, Jean-Michel Maire explained that he was “original anyway“This led to him being temporarily excluded from the set.”I laugh at everything but here…“, replied the young father annoyed.

This did not stop Raymond Aabou who also made fun of the baby’s physique, enough to shock some people on the set, including Kelly Vedovelli. “He said, ‘The baby is messed up.’ It’s serious“, she was indignant. And Guillaume Genton continued: “I find that a bit inappropriate.

Despite everything, Raymond Aabou had serious doubts regarding the veracity of this photo. “A newborn baby doesn’t look like that. It’s a waste. If it’s not a joke, what I just did is very serious“, he declared before Gilles Verdez and Jean-Michel Maire added a layer. “To do again. I say what I think. He will surely be very intelligent, I am not saying the opposite; (…) Look at the. (…) No need to put labels on his clothes, you recognize him straight away“, launched the latter. “It’s a lack of respect“, was indignant Guillaume Genton.

The columnist reveals the truth

The deception lasted for several minutes. Raymond Aabou therefore began to feel bad and even apologized to Guillaume Genton and his partner. But Cyril Hanouna and the 32-year-old ended up admitting that it was just a joke. “The truth is that it’s a huge bullshit“, he admitted. And Cyril Hanouna added that they prepared this all weekend. “His only name is Jules“, concluded the young dad before a real photo was revealed after an ad break.

Congratulations to the parents!

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