Video horoscope: 6 zodiac signs that are very reluctant to love


Video horoscope
6 zodiac signs that are initially reluctant to love

Shyness is normal when it comes to dating, but some zodiac signs take a long time for reluctance to subside.


While some people quickly shower their partner with romantic gestures, others are much more reserved, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Six zodiac signs in particular take their time before they reveal their feelings.

The fear of lovesickness in particular often leads to the fact that six zodiac signs in particular are very reluctant to begin with. Romantic dates, long text messages or expressing emotions too quickly are not for them, because they prefer to wait first before developing deeper feelings for someone who may not return them in the end.

No love without risk

Unfortunately, this self-protection often leads to relationships fizzling out before they have even really started. You can find out in the video whether your zodiac sign is one of them.