VIDEO – “I have files!” : Anne Roumanoff weighs in on the love life of Elie Semoun

Anne Roumanoff and Élie Semoun know each other by heart. This Tuesday, November 28the comedian was the guest of Mouloud Achour in the show Click, broadcast on Canal +. During the exchange, the journalist notably revealed a video message sent by Élie Semoun. In this extract, the comedian revealed that the song which most characterized his colleague was Call meby Nicole Croisille. “It says: ‘Call me / And tell me you love me / That you love me.’ Anne needs love… Call her“, he indicated with a lot of second degree. Neither one nor two, Mouloud Achour asked his guest if she had “need love”. “Everyone needs love”she assured.

But if Élie Semoun seems to know the behind the scenes of Anne Roumanoff’s sentimental life, the one who is also an actress does not seem to be left out. No, but Elijah makes fun of me because he follows my adventures, but I follow his too. I have files on him too.”she underlined, before continuing: “No, but we tell each other things… I don’t call him when I have problems, but when we meet we debrief each other.”

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Why is Anne Roumanoff often dressed in red?

Surprisingly, Anne Roumanoff was not dressed in red for this interview. Because, yes, throughout his career, the comedian knew how to find his outfit, but above all his favorite color. A choice that she had also mentioned during her appearance on the show A Sunday in the countrysidepresented by Frédéric Lopez, on France 2, in November 2022. “It’s coming [du fait] that for my first TV, I was in red and afterward it was like a superstition, she explained. The actress then remembered having worn this color during the “first audition where we wanted to[‘elle]”. Since then, she is convinced that red brought her luck.

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Photo credits: Capture – Canal +

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