VIDEO Samuel Le Bihan very moved: he shares his pride in the fight of his autistic daughter

Invited to the table It’s up to you, this January 18, Samuel Le Bihan took the opportunity to tell, not without emotion, the tortuous journey of his daughter with autism. And the hero of Alex Hugo notably shared a wonderful memory during an exchange with the school principal.

No heart of rump steak on the menu It’s up to you, this Tuesday, January 18, but men with a ventricle as huge as their talent. If Soprano became the sponsor of the last edition of the Telethon, it’s not only because he drives his fans crazy, crazy, crazy. And the Marseille rapper shared the talk show table with Samuel Le Bihan, who, between filming Alex Hugo, manages to devote time to his small family and in particular his daughter, who has autism. The actor has found love with Stefania Cristian, a young model very quickly adopted by the one who takes a huge place in his life, Angia, ten years old. “She taught me to be more determined, more organized, to take my place, to be less complexed, to go straight to the point, because I have no choice, I live for someone else. She revealed me to myself” , he confided to Gala in October 2020.

Samuel Le Bihan happy for his daughter Angia

For the one who has become his priority, but also his greatest pride, modern-day Captain Conan has set himself several objectives, including that of “never be crushed by this handicap”. No question indeed of setting limits when it comes to his little girl.I refuse that it puts shade in my life and on the contrary, I will do everything to draw the most beautiful energy from it”, he believes, particularly happy to share good news with the band of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “I assure you, I would have cried (…) but we are considering college, confided this dad hen, very moved by this small victory. “Never at any time could I have imagined this“. She didn’t speak, she didn’t go to kindergarten. She went to school much later because she had educational methods that led her to language, to food – because she wasn’t eating.” A real success for the chameleon actor, who can turn into a superhero for his offspring.

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