Vienna Opera Ball: dance event will be suspended in 2021

The corona pandemic is now also bringing the Vienna Opera Ball to its knees. Richard Lugner takes the rejection for 2021 calmly.

The Vienna Opera Ball will not take place next year due to the corona pandemic. The Austrian Federal Government has agreed on this with the Vienna State Opera, the announcement was made on Wednesday (23 September). The glamorous dance event was planned for February 11, 2021.

Bogdan Roscic (56), director of the Vienna State Opera, regrets the cancellation. In a statement on the official website, he points out that the cancellation "also applies to the magic flute for children that traditionally takes place in the converted hall". The space and time capacities that have been freed up are now to be used to set up an alternative program "with special consideration for the young audience".

Richard Lugner already had a companion

What does Baulöwe and opera ball regular Richard Lugner (87) think of the cancellation? He shows understanding towards the Austrian newspaper "Kurier". "The Opera Ball is a real ball where you dance. With the rumble on the dance floor, you can't keep your distance," he said. As long as the corona virus is circulating, an event like the Vienna Opera Ball cannot take place. "But they say that there will probably be a vaccine by the end of the year. And then it might be a little better."

The entrepreneur already claims to have had support for the coming year. Although he did not mention a name, he said that, from his point of view, he brought "the greatest guest I have ever had". After all, it would have been his 30th visit to the ball for Lugner. Whether he can win his star guest for 2022 still has to be clarified. "The only question is whether I will still be born then," said the 87-year-old.