Viennese Christmas tree – ex- “bald spruce” now shines in the glow of lights

There was a lot of discussion about her – the “bald spruce” from Vienna’s Rathausplatz. But after a good beauty program, the Christmas tree now shines with Christmas splendor. On Saturday the spruce was solemnly illuminated. The lights were switched on personally by Mayor Michael Ludwig and the Burgenland Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (both SPÖ), from whose federal state the copy comes this year. Customs and brass music were dispensed with. In view of the high corona numbers, the celebration took place on a small scale.

“The glowing Christmas tree should radiate confidence and hope, especially in these very demanding times. It is important that – despite all adversities – people do not lose their joy in the Christmas season! Right now, solidarity, charity and cohesion are the values ​​that hold our society together! ”Said Ludwig. Doskozil emphasized in his short address that he was pleased that Burgenland could make a contribution to a festive town hall square with the tree and set a sign of solidarity and solidarity. most of the Christmas markets open this year. The Advent event is still all about Corona. There are strict regulations that must be observed when visiting. The market area is fenced off at the Rathausplatz. 2G controls take place at the entrances; only the surroundings, i.e. the Christmas world in the park – including the Herzerlbaum – are freely accessible. However, if you want to drive a ring game or a Ferris wheel there, you need a 2.5G certificate. In other words: a PCR test result is also a valid access certificate. 30 meter high spruce from Mattersburg The festively decorated present in the center of the market comes from the Esterházy Forests in the Mattersburg district this year. It is a 30 meter high and around 130 year old spruce. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Burgenland, the tree symbolizes the affiliation of the “youngest federal state” to Austria, it was emphasized.
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