Vincent Elbaz (Syndrome E): “The more it’s twisted …”, his confessions without filter on his character

Troubled and unpredictable, Vincent Elbaz plays Franck Sharko, the emblematic cop of novelist Franck Thilliez’s thrillers. An uncompromising hero, to discover Thursday, September 29 in Syndrome E on TF1 at 9:10 p.m.

For those who haven’t read the novels, how would you present Franck Sharko?

VINCENT ELBAZ: He’s someone who bears the weight of his failures and his losses, and it shows on his face. I wouldn’t necessarily like to hang out with him on a daily basis, because he’s a little crazy and can take you on in his darkness.

Was this the case during the four and a half months of filming?

When you find your kids in the evening, they have nothing to do with your moods! I never had any trouble moving from fiction to reality, or from one scene to another. On the contrary, I flourish thanks to this emotional gymnastics.

How is this type of character fulfilling?

Because it allows me to express emotions in a serene and secure environment. We take no risks on a set. Even when emotions are painful. The more twisted it is, the more I like it.

Have your selection criteria changed over time?

It’s life that pushes you. As in a crowd movement, the great happiness or the great misfortune that you go through means that you find yourself in another place in your life, and that your criteria of choice evolve.

Is it easy to say no?

I never had any problem with that. Whether it’s for the story, the director or simply the need to act, I know exactly why I’m accepting a project or not, and I don’t lie to myself. I’m 50, and I’m still hungry.

Time is no ally for actresses over 50. What about the actors?

Women actually experience this injustice, which is beginning to reverse itself a little. While an actress with life experience is overwhelming! Us guys, we never had this problem: the older we get, the “better” we get. Woman or man, what is beautiful on screen is vulnerability. These are the roles that I expect. In this sense, E-syndrome is a nice proposition.

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