Vinegar, water, cooking… How to lose weight without going on a diet?

Lose weight effortlessly? It is possible according to general practitioner Jimmy Mohamed. On the other hand, for him, the real difficulty is not to take it again. guest in Well done for you, the author of “Zero constraint to lose weight, 39 tips for losing weight” details the little tips of his method at the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez. And all this, without going through a diet, on the contrary.

Avoid diets

In his book, unlike other books dedicated to weight loss, there is no diet to offer. “Most nutritionists all have miracle programs. The Dukan diet, high protein or even ketogenic. Everyone has their own little magical technique, which in the end does not work. Since long-term diets, in reality, are not effective”, says the doctor. When the French lose weight, four out of five will gain it back. For him, “the diets have never proven their effectiveness beyond a few weeks, or even a few months”. If it does not exceed six months, it is partly explained by the resumption of bad habits.

According to this specialist, you should not be ready for the summer but rather for the rest of your life. “This goal of the summer body, it has no interest. It makes people feel guilty and it puts a lot of pressure. And when you put pressure on yourself, you can’t do it. If you hope to lose the five or ten kilos that we took in 10 or 15 years, in the space of two or three months, it is doomed to failure”, underlines Jimmy Mohamed. By losing weight very quickly, because of frustration, the person will rather lose muscle, water and not so much fat. “However, as soon as we return to a normal diet after the summer, we will reconnect with our good habits and regain weight,” warns the doctor. This is the case of obese people who, despite the different diets tried, will regain weight. “The proof is that it doesn’t work,” he says.

Anticipating nighttime cravings

Weight gain is often associated with snacking. Faced with this, it is important to organize yourself and anticipate your nocturnal cravings. To achieve this, the doctor replaced the boxes of chocolates with a basket of fruit and lots of hot drinks. On the other hand, for him, removing all sugar and all the delicacies from his cupboard is not the solution either. “We’re going to end up cracking up, it doesn’t work. So you have to accept eating at this time. That is to say, increase your quantity of fruit or vegetables. In the evening, I eat more apples, because the sugar of this fruit does not pose any problem”, recognizes Jimmy Mohamed.

The doctor explains all the same that it is possible to take one or two squares of chocolate in the evening in front of his TV in case of a little hunger. “Rather than making myself a whole bar of chocolate, I make myself a ginger herbal tea. This plant makes it possible to lose weight. And then I eat two or three squares of dark chocolate, more than 70%. Even if you are three squares, it will always be less sugar than ice cream”, specifies the specialist.

The virtues of water

In his book, Jimmy Mohamed stresses the importance of drinking water. “That makes sense for two reasons. One is that if you replace all sugary drinks with water, that’s calories lost. And then water accelerates basal energy expenditure, the expenditure metabolism. You will speed up your metabolism by 30% and when you drink 1.5 liters of water a day, you burn a hundred calories. Still without doing anything”, insists the doctor.

Be careful when cooking food

It sounds silly, and yet, cooking food has an influence on the glycemic index, the speed at which the level of sugar will rise in the blood. “The higher this index, the faster you will have a sugar level and the hungrier you will be since you will produce a lot of insulin to lower your sugar level. And when it drops, you are very hungry” , says Jimmy Mohamed. Cooking pasta, for example, when it is “al dente”, the glycemic index is low. For what ? Because the small chains of starch, which make up pasta, are not immediately destroyed by heat. They will be destroyed by digestion. Whereas when pasta or rice is cooked more, resulting in sticky foods, the digestive tract has less work to do and therefore the glycemic index is higher. “Let’s eat pasta, as long as it’s al dente”, ironically the doctor at the microphone of Europe 1.

“Vinegar, fat burner”

In addition, Jimmy Mohamed insists in his book on the benefits of vinegar. “Vinegar, fat burner,” he says. This food activates an enzyme that will burn fat. “It’s acetic acid, whatever the vinegar. If we add vinegar at lunchtime and in the evening with a tablespoon, we can lose three kilos in twelve weeks. Once again, without doing anything” , supports the specialist. On the other hand, for people who decide to consume it directly with a spoon, the doctor alerts and warns. “It’s not a life to take syrup,” he laments.

To conclude, Jimmy Mohamed addresses the subject of sleep. “If you are sleep-debted, you will gain weight for several reasons. When you don’t sleep, you are tired in the morning and therefore you are hungry. Then, the hormones that regulate satiety and hunger are disrupted by the lack of sleep. Without sleep at night, you will produce these hormones that will make you want to eat,” he says. All you have to do is apply this method to lose weight over time without rushing your body.

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