War in Ukraine: the Russian army faces the dilemma facing the Ukrainian presence in Bakhmout

Nicolas Tonev, edited by Loane Nader / Photo credit: Handout / TELEGRAM/ @concordgroup_official / AFP

The new communication clip of the Ukrainian army aptly recalls its mode of action on the Eastern Front. After the drone attacks on Moscow, the threats to Putin, the armed incursions by Russian partisans around Belgorod, the Ukrainian units are in turn taking action, including again on the Bakhmout front.

The Ukrainian army regains its composure and once again adopts the strategy of action against the Russian adversary. The Ukrainians have already gained hundreds of meters on the outskirts of the city of Bakhmout, according to kyiv intelligence services. It still occupies high positions there, which obviously facilitates the offensive actions and the bombardments of the Russian troops who hold the locality.

Evgueni Prigojine, the leader of the private paramilitary group Wagner, himself recognizes the loss of territories that had just been conquered, which he describes as shameful. For Kiev, putting pressure on Bakhmout puts pressure on tired Russian troops, responsible for defending these areas conquered after months of assault, and which have become symbolic.

The Russian army destabilized by kyiv

It is therefore out of the question for Moscow to weaken the defense of the city at the risk of losing it. Thus, the generals of Volodymyr Zelensky impose a major dilemma on the Russian general staff: should the South, attacked near Zaporijia, be reinforced? Should Russia consider bringing in reinforcements to push back the attackers on Russian territory in the Belgorod region, at the expense of other fronts? Or, should we answer the Ukrainian tests on the neighboring localities of Bakhmout? One thing is certain, doubt hovers within the Russian army, which also broadcasts images of victories in the Donetsk region. The latter are only aerial and above all tell of the tactical uncertainty created by kyiv on the fronts and the points of contact between the two armies.

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