Warning, this driver certified by Microsoft would break some AMD graphics cards

Robin Lamorlette

January 11, 2023 at 1:50 p.m.


AMD Radeon RX 6000 © AMD


The 22.11.2 driver certified WHQL by Microsoft for graphics cards AMD would pose a danger to some of them.

According to KrisFix-Germany, a YouTuber who specializes in repairing graphics cards and other components, 48 ​​out of 61 Radeon RX 6800s and 6900s were completely beyond repair, a priori bricked by the driver in question.

Is there a driver in the graphics card?

In order to find the cause of death of these 48 graphics cards, the youtuber diagnosed a problem with the rails of the SoC, memory and memory controller. All were found to be severely damaged. KrisFix-Germany then counted on the fact that the chips in question would have affected the PCB layout. He launched a call for testimonies to see if others had been confronted with this same phenomenon.

Many Reddit users have bounced back to this alert, reporting similar issues. Their AMD RX 6000 graphics cards had also given up the ghost. Among the common denominators of these experiences, the terrible news would have fallen just after the application of the driver 22.11.2, however certified WHQL.

Many reports mostly revolve around brand new AMD RX 6900 XT cards. All agree that the pilot in question is responsible for their setbacks, since they took place just after the last notable modification made. Fortunately for them, their equipment was still under warranty.

Awaiting official confirmation

If all these reports are particularly alarming, it is however necessary to consider this information with a certain reserve. Besides the installation of the 22.11.2 driver, we can note that the graphics cards affected are very recent.

It could therefore be that the pilot is not the only reason behind this carnage, at least not in such a short window of time. We could just be dealing with a batch of faulty cards right out of the factory.

As a simple precautionary measure, if you are the owner of an AMD RX 6000 graphics card model, wait a while before installing the 22.11.2 driver. Praying that it doesn’t fail due to a manufacturing defect.

Source : KrisFix-Germany via YouTube

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