Warsaw follows Helsinki: Poland also bans Russian cars from entering the country

Warsaw follows Helsinki
Poland also bans Russian cars from entering the country

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More and more EU states no longer want to allow Russian cars to enter the country. Poland, which has already banned trucks, follows directly after Finland and will implement a corresponding regulation. As a close ally of Ukraine, Warsaw finds clear words as justification.

Poland has announced a further tightening of its sanctions against Russia: From Sunday, cars that were registered in Russia will no longer be allowed to enter Poland. This was announced by Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski, as reported by the PAP news agency. Such a restriction already applied to trucks. Poland, which shares a border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, is the last EU country directly bordering Russia to follow the example of the three Baltic republics and Finland, which have already banned entry for cars with Russian registration.

Finland put the entry ban for Russian cars into effect on the night of Friday to Saturday. Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen previously wrote in a statement on is uniform throughout the EU. The ban will come into force at midnight.”

The ban in Poland also comes into force from midnight and applies to all cars without exception, Kaminski specified. It does not matter whether the vehicles are used privately or for business. It also makes no difference what nationality the owners or passengers of the cars have. “The rule is: a car registered in Russia has no right to enter Poland,” PAP quoted the minister as saying.

Justifying the measure, Kaminski said this was “another element of sanctions against Russia and the residents of the country that is waging a brutal war against Ukraine.” The Russian state poses a threat to international security.

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