Watch movies in a warm atmosphere thanks to this Philips Ambilight TV at a reduced price on Amazon

[Deal du jour] Philips offers a range of televisions with Ambilight technology. The latter projects light to match what is happening on the screen. This 50-inch model on sale is ideal for completely immersing yourself in films and series.

What is this promotion on this Philips television?

The Philips 50-inch Ambilight television is normally sold for €649. It is currently offered on Amazon at the price of €458.49.

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What is this Philips TV with Ambilight?

This Philips television has a 50-inch LED screen, with a diagonal of 127 cm. The panel has a 4K definition of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, compatible with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision standards. Don’t expect picture quality from OLED or QLED. However, the brightness is very good and the colorimetry is well calibrated. The blacks are not as deep as on high-end panels, but the contrast does a good job, especially in the evening in a dimly lit room. The Dolby Vision and HDR10+ modes also provide a good level of detail.

Despite the presence of an HDMI 2.1 port, the refresh rate limited to 60 HZ can be a hindrance for gamers who wish to connect their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. The television is however suitable for gaming sessions, if you are not looking for performance above all. Audio level, the speakers slightly lack power. A soundbar will be preferred to get the best out of the audio.

The One Ambilight // Source: Philips
The Ambilight can also project additional light // Source: Philips

Is this Philips TV a good deal on sale?

If the Ambilight system appeals to you, then it’s a good deal at less than €460. Ambilight technology provides superior immersion, thanks to LEDs placed around and at the back of the television. The lighting projected on your walls matches the content broadcast on the screen, and gives the illusion of extending the image. Ambilight works with movies and video games, but is much more relevant with the latter. The effect is indeed nice, but tends to be annoying during films and series. Conversely, he is rather friendly when it comes to gaming.

You can deactivate it or make it a simple additional light, with the color and intensity of your choice. The Ambilight then adds a cozy atmosphere to your TV corner, ideal for watching content on your SVOD platforms, while another member of your family reads a book on the sofa. Finally, the Android TV interface offers fluid and pleasant menus to navigate. You will be able to control the TV with the sound of your voice, with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

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