watch out for these 3 everyday baby products sold in supermarkets

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This Tuesday, March 28, the Système U group recalled three baby hygiene products. Find out which ones.

Watch out for these baby products, so they can grow up safely. This Tuesday, March 28, the Système U group, which offers anti-inflation baskets, issued a reminder of three baby products very specific,hygienic order. These were distributed and sold in stores of the Système U group throughout France. It is therefore most important to be vigilant about them.

The three articles concerned are baby cleansing milk, baby cleansing water and baby moisturizing cream of the brand U Toddlers, as reported by the official Rappel Conso website. The group itself decided to recall these very specific products in order to call their customers to the greatest attention. Product recalls, like that of this bread sold in the supermarket, are quite common, even if it can seem scary for consumers. It is therefore important to stay informed about product recallsin particular on the official sites dedicated to this information.

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Why were these 3 products recalled?

Of course, the recalled products are not for nothing. According to official information, these three baby hygiene products have been singled out because they are likely to contain “a substance classified as carcinogenicmutagenic and toxic for reproduction”, as the government website states. The molecule present in these three products is actually prohibited in products used by children under 6 years of age. In the event that it appears illegally in the products concerned, its presence could causeinternal damage. However, no prefectural order has been issued in the case of the three recalled products.

here are the exact references of the products concernedwhich must not be consumed: all batches of moisturizing cream in 100 ml tubes bearing the international item code (GTIN) 3256225720958, cleansing milk in 250 and 750 ml bottles whose GTINs are 3256225720989 and 3256225720996 as well as cleansing water of the same capacities bearing the numbers 3256225720965 and 3256225720972. Consumers who have purchased these products can bring them back to stores in order to make a refund.


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