Water toys: 10 inflatable bath items for pool, garden & Co.

water toys
Splish, splash, water fun!

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Children love the summer, so water toys should definitely not be neglected for the perfect cooling off and the next visit to the pool or beach.

The temperatures are rising, the sun is shining with full force and your children have been playing in your own garden for days? You thought you’d thought of everything – but water toys weren’t really on your list? No problem, because it’s never too late for wet fun outside. We introduce you to water toys that are suitable both for cooling off and romping around in the garden and for making children’s eyes shine on their next summer vacation or visit to the beach or swimming pool.

Water toys: Beautiful models that are guaranteed to be a hit when splashing about

Water has a magical attraction for most children. Water toys should therefore not be missing under any circumstances. Best of all: The toy knows no age, because there are child-friendly models for almost all of them, which provide enough fun and variety on hot summer days – and are guaranteed not to cause boredom. All your kids need now is adult supervision. One thing is for sure: you too will have a grin on your face when you take part or watch – because what could be nicer than seeing a happy child?

Bath Toy Set

Even the little ones among us can splash around in the water with suitable toys. This 16 piece bath toy set consists of six bath spray animals, eight colorful stacking cups, a waterproof picture book and a storage net. So your child can splash water with the set, just let things float on the water or look at beautiful pictures from the picture book. It is suitable for children from six monthsis BPA-free and easy to wipe clean.

diving penguin

This water toy is suitable for the little ones among us, from about nine months can little hands do that diving penguin with diving goggles to grab. Just put the penguin in one paddling pool put it down, pull up the fins, let go and your little companion starts swimming. The toys provide the little ones with hours of fun in the water and encourage children to splash about imaginatively.

water sprinkler

The toy manufacturer BIG shines this summer with the “Aqua Nauti” water sprinklers. Depending on the strength of the water pressure the hat of the octopus rises up to four meters high and thus distributes the cool water all around. The water toys are suitable for children from three years and can be connected to any standard garden hose. A seal ensures that no water squirts out the sides. Great fun for kids of all ages!

Water Play Mat

From the age of two this water toy can be used: Water Play Mat. The mat with 15 anti-slip strips is reminiscent of a fountain, is super quick to set up and connect and the material is robust and tear-resistant. Small children especially have fun with the water play mat!

Inflatable water play center

Is a paddling pool not enough for your children for the summer temperatures? Understandable when you know what great things there are on the market. This inflatable water play center is particularly popular at the moment. It’s ideal for children from three years and not only makes children’s eyes big, but also hours of water fun! The water toy consists of a water slide, a rainbow shower with a connection for the garden hose and a dinosaur ball game (six balls are included) and leaves plenty of room for imagination.

Unicorn air mattress

Unicorns are your child’s number one priority? Then this one air mattress ideal for summer days in the swimming pool, on vacation or in the garden at home. She can from children from three years be used and is guaranteed to draw one or two looks. The large lying surface invites to relax on the water a!

Large water ride

Games, fun and excitement gets yours child from three years with this big blue water slide offered by the BIG brand. The track consists of three boats, a seaplane, four play figures, two locks and a hand crank to regulate the water. The water ride will produced in Germany and from TÜV controlled according to the strictest guidelinesto ensure the safety of the children. The children get to know the element of water in a completely new way and can’t get enough of the water toys. For ultimate fun at home!

Inflatable jet ski

This is perfect for a place in the suitcase for the next vacation or simply at home in the pool Water toys for children three years and older. Of the inflatable jet ski is inflated approx. 120 cm long and 80 cm wideuntil he has reached the size recommended with a small electric pump to work, because it sucks the air out again later. This saves energy, air and time!

Inflatable basketball hoop

Your child is now five years old or older and a real water rat? Then this one inflatable basketball hoop with a light ball (also to be inflated) ideal for games, fun and excitement in the paddling pool or pool outside in the garden. Tip: Filling the ball with some water will make it heavier and easier to throw into the basket. Funny water toy!

Inflatable water hammock

You are more likely looking for a water toy that for teenagers suitable? This inflatable water hammock is packed up so small that it can even be stowed in a suitcase for the next trip. You pumped it up quickly with your mouth and deflating is also quick. It only remains for me to say: Water on, air in and let the relaxation begin!

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