“We went around”: Bruno Solo announces the final end of Camera Café

A few months after the broadcast of the special bonus “Camera Café, 20 years already”, Bruno Solo returned in an interview on the future of the cult series. And he broke some bad news to the fans.

It was the event of this beginning of the year! On January 24, M6 broadcast a special anniversary program in prime time, Caméra Café, 20 years ago, which allowed viewers of the channel to find Hervé Dumont (Bruno Solo) and Jean-Claude Convenant (Yvan Le Bolloc’h), whose adventures punctuated their evenings between 2001 and 2004.

Taking place several years after the events of the series and the two films that followed, this 90-minute fiction began with the dismissal of Jean-Claude, thanked by his company after yet another scheme.

Hervé then helped his lifelong friend to pack his boxes, an opportunity for the two friends to reminisce, mixing the great and the small history of the past 20 years.

And if the end of this TV movie left little doubt about the future of the different characters, many fans of the program hoped that M6 would finally decide to bring the series back to its antenna.

Unfortunately, a new Camera Café sequel is not in the works. In an interview given to the RTBFBruno Solo announced the end of the short program:

There will be no sequel to Camera Café. We don’t stop because of the reviews of the last episode but because we went around, and we just wanted to talk about these last 20 years through the prism of the characters.”

Bruno Solo reacts to criticism of the TV movie

If Camera Café, 20 years old already, achieved very good audiences, attracting more than 3 million viewers, or 14% of audience share, the TV film suffered many criticisms, in particular from the Parisian, who had accused of beingdistressing, sexist and fatphobic”.

Critics that still remain today across the throat of Bruno Solo. “We were attacked in particular by a newspaper called ‘Le Parisien’, which accused us of making a grossophobic, sexist, borderline racist program by ignoring our characters who are […] obviously monstrous caricatural characters and it was through their monstrosity that we denounced that,” he insisted on explaining.

Pretending to ignore it is either crass imbecility, […] either in bad faith, […] either stupidity and there on the other hand, I have more compassion because I tell myself that he is a bit stupid and that he has not benefited from a curiosity that would allow him to take some distance in the program“.

If Camera Café has definitely bowed out, Bruno Solo continues to chain projects. After appearing on July 5 in the fiction The incredible traffic jam, he will be in the cast of All this I will give it to you, the adaptation of Dolorès Redondo’s bestseller, and Ouija, two series which will arrive in the coming months on France 2.

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