Weapon system from Slovakia: Lambrecht promises Ukraine more howitzers

Weapon system from Slovakia
Lambrecht promises Ukraine more howitzers

The Zuzana self-propelled howitzer is the flagship product of the Slovak defense industry. In cooperation with Denmark, Norway and Germany, the NATO country wants to deliver 16 such weapon systems to Ukraine. That assures Defense Minister Lambrecht.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has announced the delivery of 16 Slovak-made self-propelled howitzers to the Ukraine for the coming year. The Zuzana-type systems are produced in Slovakia and financed jointly with Denmark, Norway and Germany, the SPD politician told the ARD program “Report from Berlin” on February 24 after returning from her first trip to Ukraine since the beginning of the war . The corresponding production facilities are available in Slovakia, said Lambrecht. “This shows how important it is to always explore such possibilities with your partners and then to implement them,” added the minister.

The Zuzana howitzer is the flagship product of the Slovak defense industry and the only heavy weapon system produced in the country. According to the manufacturer, it can fire all types of 155 mm NATO ammunition. The ministry put the total value of the procurement at 92 million euros, with the three countries financing it in equal parts.

During her visit, Lambrecht had assured Ukraine that the first unit of the IRIS-T SLM air defense system would be delivered quickly to Ukraine. Germany initially wants to make four of the systems, each costing 140 million euros, available to Ukraine. Funding for three more systems has been secured.

Lambrecht, who twice had to seek shelter in bunkers during her one-day visit to Odessa due to air raid alerts and the threat of missiles and drones, stressed the importance of air defense for Ukraine. Air alerts are part of everyday life for the people there, she told ARD. “It shows how much they are tormented, how much they are limited and how much they are burdened.” The minister emphasized: “That’s why it’s so important to support Ukraine’s air defense right now so that these attacks can be fought.” The federal government will continue to get involved in the fight against drones.

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