Weapons safe booklet, SMIC 2024, taxes… The 3 pieces of information for Friday December 1st for your money

A YouGov poll for MoneyVox which rejects the idea of ​​a Livret A savings being used to finance the Defense industry. The 7 deadlines and tax payments in December. And 23 euros more for the minimum wage in 2024. Here are the 3 money news items from Friday December 1st.

Today’s poll: Booklet A(rmes), it’s no

A majority of the French population opposes the government’s 2024 budget proposal, which plans to use funds from Livret A, LDDS and LEP savings accounts to finance the defense industry, according to an online survey carried out by YouGov for MoneyVox. This study reveals that 54% of those questioned are against this idea of ​​seeing part of the savings from the Livret A be loaned to SMEs in the Defense industry. To date, the Livret A is used in particular to finance social housing, but not only… What if we gave the French a choice on the way in which their savings finance the economy? The poll shows a preference for Livret A funds to be used for public services such as health and education. Survey results.

Today’s figure: 1406 euros

The minimum wage should increase by around 1.7% in January 2024, from around 1,383 euros to around 1,406 euros for a full-time position, according to the recommendations of the SMIC expert committee. This increase would be the simple application of the calculation formula, according to inflation and the evolution of salaries. A helping hand from the government is unlikely to be on the agenda.

Today’s calendar: your taxes in December

No less than 7 deadlines and payment dates from the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) are noted in the calendar in December. If you are an owner, and even more so if you have a second home, you will have to pay the new version of housing tax and perhaps a final payment of property tax. If you are not an owner, the dates to note are fewer but they exist, and affect income tax, at the start of the month. The calendar of the month.

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