what are the best alternative offers?

From today, customers of Orange Bank, which will disappear in the coming months, can benefit from a gateway to migrate their accounts to Hello bank!. The BNP Paribas digital brand is in fact a more than credible alternative, but it is not the only one. Overview.

It’s now official: following a referencing agreement signed between Orange Bank and Hello bank!, customers of the first, which is in the process of closing, will be encouraged to join the second.

From today, Tuesday February 27, they can benefit from a simplified routepersonalized support and welcome offer allowing them to receive up to 230 euros in bonuses, and even a little more if they are ready to equip themselves with new products (life insurance, insurance, PEA, etc.)

Closure of Orange Bank: here is what awaits customers who will migrate to Hello bank!

This bridge implementation between the two banks obviously has the merit of simplicity. Orange Bank customers, moreover, will not lose anything by joining Hello bank!, quite the contrary: it offers many more products and services for less.

BNP Paribas’ mobile banking brand, however, is not not the only possible destination. Future exes from Orange Bank are even spoiled for choice. here is a overview of (many) 100% digital alternative offers which come close and, generally, surpass Orange Bank.

Do you use Orange Bank as a secondary account?

Between 300 and 400 euros: this is the average outstanding amount held by Orange Bank customers. Suffice to say that most of them use it as a secondary accountto pay and be paid on a daily basis, or for specific uses, such as online shopping or travel.

Revolut and N26 may be perfectly suitable for these uses. The two nobanks have the advantage of offering free payment accounts that do not impose conditions of usethe entry level of Hello bank!, the Hello One account, will cost you 3 euros each calendar month where you will not make any payment or withdrawal.

The Standard version of Revolut – of British origin, but with a banking license in the European Union, in Lithuania – allows you to pay by card or by mobile, with no limit other than your account balance, and to withdraw up to ‘ 200 euros of cash per month without fees (compared to 1 euro per withdrawal, from the first, with Hello One). Instant transfers are also offered free of charge and by default (1 euro each with Hello One).

The Standard account from N26, a German bank, is also free. It allows you to pay in France without fees and to make 3 free withdrawals per month (2 euros per withdrawal beyond that). However, by default, N26 does not provide a physical card: it can only be used to pay by mobile (with Apple Pay or Google Pay) or online. To receive the plastic card, you must pay 10 euros per order.

Those who prefer to trust an actor made in France, can turn to Lydia. The free offer of this electronic money establishment allows you to benefit from an account with IBAN and bank card, with a payment limit of 3000 euros and 250 euros of fee-free withdrawals per month.

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More comprehensive paid offers

Are you paying for Orange Bank’s premium offer? The Hello Prime offer distributed by Hello bank! (5 euros per month) is an easy alternative. But it is not the only one. Revolut, N26 and Lydia also offer their range in paid versions – between 2.99 and 55 euros per month for Revolut; 4.90 and 16.90 euros for N26; 4.90 and 9.90 euros for Lydia – which allow you to obtain additional services: savings, more prestigious cards, insurance, cashback, etc.

If you are willing to pay, you can also watch on the side of Nickel. This other subsidiary of BNP Paribas distributes a card in tobacco shops that charges 25 euros per year. It allows you to pay in France without fees. Please note, withdrawals are, however, chargeable: 0.5% of the amount withdrawn from tobacco shops (after 3 free withdrawals per month) and 1.50 euros per ATM withdrawal. By adding a little money, you have access to two premium cards, Nickel Chrome (+30 euros per year) and Nickel Metal (+80 euros per year). Only the Metal version allows you to benefit from free withdrawals without limits.

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You use Orange Bank as your main account

If you are one of the customers who save or have taken out a loan with Orange Bank, the ranges offered today by Revolut, N26, Lydia and company may be too limited.

In this case, you can turn to the previous generation of online bankswhich obviously include Hello bank!, but also BoursoBank, the market leader, and Fortuneo, its main outsider.

These three banks have in common that they have sufficiently comprehensive catalogs to make them main banks, with a wide range of savings and investment products (from regulated savings accounts to the stock market, including life insurance) and credit offers.

Ct catalog depth, Hello bank! has an advantage, since it is the only one to offer cash deposits and the Popular Savings Account (LEP). In terms of price, BoursoBank and Fortuneo are ahead: these two banks offer free premium cards (Visa Ultim at the first and CB Gold Mastercard at the second), while the equivalent at Hello bank!, Hello Prime, cost 5 euros per month.

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