What does Emmanuel Macron do on Friday evening? This photo which suggests that he follows the bonuses of “Dancing with the stars”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

What was Emmanuel Macron doing on Friday April 12, 2024 in the evening? It seems that the head of state has taken a little break in his very busy schedule for follow the new bonus Dance with the stars. Indeed, the day after the broadcast of the dance competition which saw the eliminations of American actor James Denton and rapper Black M, Emmanuel Macron’s official photographer, Soazig de la Moissonnière, shared new photos of the president on his Instagram account. Through a new series of photographs, Internet users were able to follow behind the scenes of Brigitte Macron’s husband’s day. While he had increased the number of meetings and appointments, in the evening, in his office at the Élysée, he allowed himself a moment of relaxation between managing two files. Indeed, in a black and white photo, Emmanuel Macron is standing, with a smile on his lips, while there is just behind him a television screen on the first channel in full broadcast of Dance with the stars.

Emmanuel Macron has never hidden his love of watching television

Soazig de la Moissonnière also identified Keiona, who appeared on screen at the time the photo was taken, and her professional dancer Maxime Dereymez. The photographer also took care to identify Camille Combal, the presenter, as well as the official Instagram account of the show. Emmanuel Macron never hid that he liked watching television and varied and different programs. Indeed, in April 2017, a few days before being elected President of the Republic, he revealed, in the columns of TV Mag, his television tastes. He initially said that History Secretsanimated by Stéphane Bernwas his favorite program. “I watch Telematinbut also The Great BookstoreAnd even The Voice, he added. However, it seems that he had forgotten to list Dance with the stars. Or maybe he only started following family entertainment this season? It must be said that it is marked by numerous controversies between two candidates, namely Inès Reg and Natasha St Pier. The second also filed a complaint against the comedian.

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