What does “Karen” mean? meaning and use


On TikTok you come across the term “Karen” for the first time and wonder what that means? We explain to you what is behind the abbreviation and when it is used.

What does “Karen” mean? (Source: luismolinero / depositphotos.com)

With “Karen” you describe the demanding, aggressive behavior of white women

The abbreviation or designation “Karen” is mainly used in social media such as TikTok or Twitter and serves to describe the demanding, aggressive behavior of white, mostly middle-aged women. “Karen” is not a specific person, but rather a stereotype of a specific type of woman.

This is how “Karen” is used

Internet users use “Karen” to convey to the woman who has misbehaved that she has definitely misbehaved. There are numerous examples on the internet. Here is an example of a “Karen” incident.

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