What does “touche” mean? meaning and use


You came across the term “Touché” and don’t know what it stands for? Here you will learn what the term means and how to use it.

What does “touche” mean? (Source: nejron / depositphotos.com)

That means “Touché”: hit (sunk), direct hit

The expression “Touché”, which is often just written “Touche”, comes from the French and means “touched” or “touched”. But in colloquial German, on the Internet and also in English, a successful argument is acknowledged. The term “tuschee” is pronounced and in today’s sense means “point for you” or “that was sitting”.

Much like the way “props” are handed out today to show respect to someone, in a discussion, the punch line that invalidates yours can be commented on with the phrase “touché”. The “loser” of the discussion says “hat off”, so to speak, and in most cases the topic is put to rest.


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Origin of “Touché”

The term “touché” comes from the French and is derived from “toucher”, which means “to touch” or “sense of feeling”. In sports, “Touché” has been called out since the end of the 19th century when someone has landed a hit. This applies in particular to fencing.

Over time, the use of “meeting” expanded to include discussions as well. Because similar to fencing, a well-placed comeback lands just as well as a blow with a weapon.

How to use “Touché”

Hardly anyone gets involved in a discussion only to be outdone by the other side. That’s why the expression “touché” is on the one hand the recognition that the other spoke better than oneself, but mostly also frustrating. However, this is about a quick-witted answer and not a diss.

Example of using “Touché”:

  • Person A: “I’m so caught up in the holiday game that I don’t even know what work is anymore.”
  • Person B: “Then you can start with the Honks from the block, they don’t know that either.”
  • Person A: “Touché.”

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