What is Sapiosexuality?


Maybe you are sapiosexual without knowing it? You ask yourself: what is Sapiosexuality? We will give you the answer.

What is Sapiosexuality?

From Sneating to Kareeza – we have already reported on many trendy dating and sex topics! Many topics are not so new, but only get a new “label” missed.

The same is true of sapiosexuality. This refers to the sexual effects of another person’s intellect on you. The term “Sapio” comes from the Latin verb “sapere” and means to be wise.

Generally speaking , if you feel erotically attracted to him because of the knowledge of your counterpart, you are sapiosexual .

Maybe you ask yourself now: Who is stupid? The term Sapiosexuality raises questions that we want to answer as well as possible in this article.

  • Is someone who finds intelligence attractive, but also appreciates other features, such as appearance, sapiosexual?
  • Are Sapiosexuals more like women or men?
  • Is sapiosexuality a sexual orientation or a preference?

Sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation!

Orientation refers to a person’s lasting interests in the gender of a potential partner . Whether hetero, homo, bi, poly or pan – these terms define our sexual orientation.

Sapiosexuality, on the other hand, can be classified as a preference. For example, you can be heterosexual and at the same time sapiosexual. The sexual attraction via intelligence is on a level of characteristics such as appearance or humor .

Am I sapiosexual?

  • Superficial small talk at Dates you rather decline
  • Profound topics inspire you and when your counterpart is eloquent and educated, it makes you sexually
  • The look of your opponent does not play the biggest role with you
  • People who are very defined by their appearance tend to turn you off
  • Sex is not your first priority when you meet someone

If you can answer these questions, chances are you’re sapiosexual. The term itself, however, is viewed ambiguously, because sexologists argue that intelligence is always attractive to us.

The situation is similar with the external appearance. Beauty and intelligence are in the eye of the beholder, but nobody will deny that they always play a role in finding a partner. ?

Intelligence or appearance?

Although Sapiosexuality describes a focus on the other person’s intellect, it does not need to be an extremely intelligent person. The optics can still play a role anyway . As a sapiosexual human, sexuality can therefore be defined quite differently.

A really strong expression is certainly only when you put high demands on the intellect, while neglecting other features, such as appearance and humor.

Sapiosexual for profiling?

In modern times, many people use the term to delineate themselves! Especially online you can find “sapiosexuell” in many profiles next to home and hobbies. “I stand on level!” , So the sexual statement! Or in other words: “people with low IQ please keep away .  And it is questionable whether this People can use the term at all … ?

Do women value intelligence more?

  • There are no statistics to show that women are more likely to be sapiosexual than men. However, there is evidence that sperm quality also increases with increasing IQ . The evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller could prove this in a study with Vietnam veterans.
  • It can therefore be assumed that the intelligence of men in women is an indicator of good genes that creates an attraction. So it is not surprising that you are “smart is the new sexy!” mostly heard by women …

What is Sapiosexuality? Emotional attachment or intelligence

  • And because a trend concept rarely comes alone, let’s introduce you to another name … Demisexuality ! The two terms are quite similar. If you are a demisexual, you only experience sexual attraction because of emotional attachment and you do not enter into relationships so quickly.
  • The time aspect is emphasized here more clearly than for sapiosexual people. Because for an emotional attachment you need probably longer than for the recognition of intelligence and its attraction …
  • Nonetheless, attracting an intelligent person can also lead to emotional attachment. So it can also be that you are sapiosexual and demisexual . Just do not hang on to the terms and enjoy your dating life. ?