what is the (delicious) cheese with the lowest calories?

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There are dozens of varieties of cheese, each more delicious than the next. But, eating too much can be dangerous for your health. This is the lowest calorie cheese, to be consumed without moderation.

Cheese is not essential to a balanced diet, of course, but for some people, it is necessary to enjoy your plate. But not too much is needed. A popular idea in terms of cheese would say that soft cheeses are more caloric than hard cheeses. What is it really ? In reality, the fat intake is more or less the same, namely about 350 Kcal per 100g portion. But some cheeses that we eat on a regular basis go below this calorie bar. This is the case, for example, of fresh cheeses such as fresh goat cheese or cheese spreads with garlic and aromatic herbs which have, respectively, approximately 210 and 240 Kcal.

Also, some soft cheeses are low in calories. Among them are Neufchâtel (260 Kcal), Camembert (265 Kcal) and Mozzarella (260 Kcal). In second position, the least caloric cheese is Ricotta. Indeed, this Italian cheese, made from whey, represents only 160 calories per 100 grams. Its taste and its soft texture mean that it can be cooked both in savory dishes and in sweet recipes.

But the cheese that ranks first among the lowest calorie dairy products comes from us. This is the Cancoillotte, whose fat content is only 120 Kcal per 100 grams. Made of metton, butter, water and salt, this Franc-Comtois cheese is perfect for “light” winter fondues.

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What are the highest calorie cheeses?

However, some cheeses exceed the average of 350 Kcal per 100g portion. Brie and Emmental represent a caloric intake of 350 and 355 Kcal. Roquefort and Gouda have 360 ​​calories, where blue Bresse has 10 more (370 Kcal).

The podium of the most caloric cheeses is held by Cheddar (in third position) of which a single slice is 380 Kcal. Then comes the Parmesan (390 Kcal) and finally, the gold medal for the most caloric cheese goes, ex-aequo, to theBasque Ossau-Iraty and Brillat-Savarin both of which have a score of 400 Kcal per 100g serving. Delicious certainly, but to consume really with moderation.

These indicators let you know the calorie content of the cheeses you eat, but they should not, however, prevent you from enjoying them. The important thing here is to eat healthy. However, a small slice of cheese, even greasy, from time to time, will certainly not kill you.

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