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Gemini ascendant Virgo, here is an association endowed with a beautiful intelligence! At the precise moment of your birth, the zodiac sign of Virgo was rising in the east on the eastern horizon and the Sun was passing into the sign of Gemini. Together, these signs give a native basic personality and behavioral characteristics. What does this association mean throughout your life? An astrologer gives us the keys to better understand it.

First of all, calculate your astrological ascendant?

Did you know ? If your nature is defined by your astrological sign, the ascendant influences your behavior and the way you express yourself in life. In other words, in the world of astrology, your ascendant represents the impression you give to others. The headings of astrology generally deal with the twelve solar signs, and neglect the ascending signs and the Moon. While daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for each zodiac sign provide a good introduction to how the near future unfolds, they remain astrology’s simplest approach.

The characteristics of the ascendant complement those of the solar astral sign, allowing you to know yourself even better and better understand those around you, to take a step back and to be more attentive to yourself, in particular to your feelings, your needs, your actions and reactions throughout life. So what are the main characteristics of Gemini ascendant Virgo? We asked an astrologer and author to several books on astrology, Annie Lionnet, to tell us what this association says about you!

Gemini zodiac sign: sociable and open personalities

The mirrored twins, symbol of the sign Gemini, reflect a penchant for communication and all types of exchange – exchange ideas, opposing opinions, and objects. According to astrologer Annie Lionnet, Gemini is “Of a sociable, open, curious nature and of a great intelligence”. They are sympathetic, value dialogue and debate, and are attentive to their personal relationships. The Gemini is more turned towards the intellectual, he is less connected to his emotions. He is also more attracted by intelligence and charisma than by appearance.

The planet Mercury governs this sign: it is she who carries the key values ​​of communication, sociability and curiosity. Many celebrities are born under the sign of Gemini. Among them: Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Ed Sheeran, Natalie Portman, Elise Lucet, Chris Evans, Johnny Depp, Lana Del Rey, Prince William, Naomi Campbell, Jean Dujardin, Johnny Hallyday, Rafael Nadal, and Julie Depardieu.

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Ascendant Virgo

In order to clarify the meaning of the ascending sign, Annie Lionnet describes it to us as “The front door of a house” or “The filter through which we manifest the attributes of our zodiac sign”. That is to say the way in which the person presents himself and reacts to his environment. These characteristics are more immediately accessible, we see them even in the features of a child, than those of the main sign of the zodiac which tend to be revealed throughout a lifetime. Highly intelligent and nervous by nature, the Virgo ascendant is often focused on self-improvement and is constantly on the lookout for better health practices. In other words, according to the astrologer, “The Virgo ascendant is dedicated to personal development and to improving the connection between the body and the brain”. In mutable mode like the astrological sign of Gemini, Virgo is endowed with great flexibility, but it is also paradoxically an Earth sign, which makes her more stubborn, shrewd and cautious. Serious, organized, demanding, and good friend, this ascendant can go far if he gets to know himself well, as the famous natives of Virgo demonstrate: Beyoncé, Pink, Lou Doillon, Amy Winehouse, and Blake Lively among others. other.

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Gemini ascendant Virgo: a combination doomed to great intelligence

“When the Gemini astrological sign allies with the ascendant Virgo, it gives its native a perfectionist character with a strong intellectual curiosity, always focused on learning, wisdom and self-improvement,” according to Annie Lionnet. Hungry for knowledge, people born under this influence are precious allies in the professional field. According to the astrologer, the Gemini ascendant Virgo is so curious that he “Could read a whole novel in a day and still seek to deepen his knowledge by switching to another immediately after”. Insatiable, he is never entirely satisfied. Although their elements are different – Gemini is an Air sign and Virgo an Earth sign – these signs can nevertheless be quite compatible: they are two so-called astrological signs. “Mutable”, which means that they are of a chameleon nature or “Butterfly”, and have the strength of eclecticism. They have no fear of change and, on the contrary, are attracted to everything that evolves. If they harness their curiosity in a positive way, the Gemini ascendant Virgo will shine.

Two signs ruled by the planet Mercury

In astrology, each sign of the zodiac is ruled by one of the eight planets which gives them a strong psychological function. Generally, each planet minister the functions of a single astrological sign, but Annie Lionnet reveals to us that “The sign of Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury”. Mercury rules everyone’s mental sphere. Indeed, Gemini has strong communication skills and Virgo thinks very well on her own. Gemini ascendant Virgo is therefore one of the most thoughtful and cerebral signs in astrology. Intelligence, sociability, creativity and curiosity are the key values ​​of the ascendant Gemini Virgo who carry the Mercurian mind high in their aura.

The weak points of Gemini ascendant Virgo

Infinitely curious, the ascendant Gemini Virgo is naturally turbulent, which makes him nervous and anxious. He often comes across as a cold person, even if it is the opposite. If he hasn’t had a successful productive day, “A night of insomnia and anxiety is certainly not to be ruled out because of its perfectionism” reveals the astrologer to us. His inability to let go can sometimes isolate him. The Gemini ascendant Virgo will prefer an evening alone with his book to an evening with his loved ones. Although he enjoys debate and dialogue, he often lacks emotional intelligence. Due to the mutability of Gemini and Virgo, he can feel lost at times, aimlessly, and lack persistence. He prefers to run away from problems rather than face them.

At work: the most omniscient of all

The Gemini ascendant Virgo is always a good ally at work. Rational, curious and dynamic, he can count on a very good general culture, which allows him to embark on a variety of successful projects. On the other hand, he often lacks self-confidence, which quickly makes him nervous and unable to calmly deal with stressful situations. His intelligence, his curiosity and his mutability, that is to say his ability to adapt, ensure him a brilliant career. Professions where one communicates with others often, such as diplomacy or teaching, are ideal for Gemini ascendant Virgo.

In love: the intellect before the emotions

According to Annie Lionnet, “Gemini ascendant Virgo is not inclined to establish emotional bonds with others because he is rather drawn to the mental connection”. His partner and his friends often share the same values ​​and convictions without being necessarily sensitive or affective. Sociable, demanding and attentive, the ascendant Virgo Gemini is always attentive and provides good advice, which makes him a good partner.

5 adjectives to sum up all the possible ascendants of Gemini

Gemini ascendant Aries: vivacious, spontaneous, curious, enthusiastic
Gemini ascendant Taurus: open, ruminant, anchored, thoughtful
Gemini ascendant Gemini: sociable, intellectual, nervous, extrovert
Gemini ascendant Cancer: energetic, sentimental, naive, sensitive
Gemini ascendant Leo: determined, creative, extrovert, ambitious, curious
Gemini ascendant Virgo: intelligent, intellectual, pragmatic, nervous
Gemini ascendant Libra: charming, sociable, open, inventive
Gemini ascendant Scorpio: determined, vivacious, passionate, attractive, cynical
Gemini ascendant Sagittarius: curious, thoughtful, nervous, communicative
Gemini ascendant Capricorn: practical, meticulous, thoughtful, unstable
Gemini ascendant Aquarius: radiant, friendly, sociable, fun
Gemini ascending Pisces: affectionate, hardworking, sensitive, intuitive

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