What to do when you suspect child abuse?


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On November 19, on the eve of the International Day of the Rights of the Child, the association L’Enfant Bleu launches a new public awareness campaign and calls on the candidates for the 2022 Presidential to make strong commitments against violence. to children.

On the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of the Child on November 20, the association The Blue Child launched a new public awareness campaign on violence against children. The film “Prisoners”, produced courtesy of Havas Sports & Entertainment, is conceived as a mini-thriller. It features a man mowing his lawn challenged by the gaze of a child at the window of the neighboring house. Despite some suspicion, he hesitates to sound the alarm and persuades himself that all is well when he sees the child’s father appear all smiles. Because yes, 80% of child abuse takes place in the family sphere. The message that the association wants to convey is that, too often, a child could have been saved without the hesitation of a neighbor, parent, teacher or other family member. With this film, the association invites us to (re) act at the slightest doubt, “At the slightest doubt, alert”Is clearly visible in the film.

Since the #Metooincest movement, the publication of testimonies from various public figures and the lockdown, reports of child abuse cases have increased significantly. “ The goal of this film is to bring the viewer to a simple observation: abuse is not always obvious. But it’s important for everyone to remember that a simple phone call can save lives. When in doubt, you have to be vigilant.“declares the President of L’Enfant Bleu Isabelle Debré.

L’Enfant Bleu calls on presidential candidates to commit

Child abuse is a cause that affects many children. It is necessary that there is an awareness of all. “This is why child protection must become the next Great National Cause.”Explains The Blue Child. It is for this reason that the association calls on the presidential candidates to get involved. The association advocates carrying out awareness campaigns on child abuse and distributing emergency numbers to the general public. Likewise, in all schools, the implementation of regular prevention actions against sexual, physical and psychological violence is requested.

Alarming figures

Each year in France, more than 100,000 children are in a situation of danger. An underestimated figure according to associations, which number more than 300,000. According to Ipsos, 165,000 minors are also victims of rape or attempted rape every year, or one every hour … In 2018, a child dies every four days as a result of parental violence. Since the containment that has been put in place to protect against Covid-19, a frightening peak has been observed. The children were locked in their homes with their abusive families. The 119 recorded an 89% increase in calls, and police interventions increased by 46%. But unfortunately the numbers are unreliable.It is a scandal that we still do not have, in France, reliable, indisputable figures, which would give a clear vision of the reality of child abuse in France.”, Denounces Yves Crespin, referent lawyer of the association L’Enfant bleu.

If you are a victim, if you are aware of or if you suspect a situation of child abuse, call 119.

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