What voting instructions will LR give if Pécresse does not reach the second round?

Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Ugo Pascolo
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09:17, April 06, 2022

According to the latest polls, the duel of 2022 should be a remake of that of the presidential election of 2017. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen should therefore debate against each other between April 10 and 24. If this hypothesis turns out to be correct, Valérie Pécresse would be the loser and LR would give voting instructions to its members. But it is far from being an easy task.

Four days before the first round of the presidential election, the polls are unanimous: the second round should be played as in 2017, between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. If these predictions turn out to be true, a question arises: for whom Valérie Pécresse will she call to vote? The question is less obvious than it seems, since no voting instructions will be given by LR on Sunday evening in the event of defeat. A political office will meet Monday for this purpose, the day after the first round, to decide the official line of the party.

The question divides the Republicans

And the latter could cause a breakup on the right, because the question divides the elected LRs, shared between two lines. The first, represented by those who will call to defeat Marine Le Pen. “I will not give him the nuclear button,” said one of them. The second, represented by those who will refuse to vote for Emmanuel Macron. “If we do that, we lose everything” says a deputy from the south. Valérie Pécresse will in any case have a heavy responsibility.

A break with the cordon sanitaire?

As for knowing what will be the decision of the one who attacked Emmanuel Macron a lot in this campaign, and who is nicknamed “Madame 8:02 p.m.” by Éric Zemmour, the mystery remains for the moment whole. A senior campaign official advises him not to give any instructions to vote on Sunday evening if the fate is against him. Neither Macron nor Le Pen in short, which would represent a break with the sanitary cordon theorized by Jacques Chirac, and always respected since by right-wing candidates…

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