when horror turns to family entertainment


After a first episode which was a hit at the American box office, Without a sound 2 comes to perpetuate the adventures of the Abbott family, grappling with an invasion of alien monsters not only blind, but above all ultra-sensitive to the slightest noise. While the first part took place in the restricted perimeter of the home, typical of the American middle class, it stages the flight of the same characters, led by their mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt), in search of a refuge. .

Funny noise puritanism

The exploration of the territory therefore becomes a new challenge, which consists in revisiting the remains of a now devastated civilization, in finding a corner and resources to survive. Equipped with an explanatory prologue, this sequel aims above all to exploit a formula that makes sound a real danger of death: anyone who emits above a certain threshold is immediately chased by the leaping creatures – which results to a strange puritanism of noise.

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The problem, however, is always the same: the strength of the concept and its potentially infinite staging promises find little outlet in a result that is content to maximize its effects (the finally saturated soundtrack, except for a short silent passage) and to reinforce familialist clichés. With his mother courage devoting herself to her children (but not without the indispensable help of a man, in the person of a former survivalist neighbor), Without a sound 2 accomplishes the feat of transforming horror cinema into sanitized entertainment for the whole family.

Without a sound 2, by John Krasinski, with Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, Millicent Simmonds (USA, 1 h 37 min).