which character of the saga are you?

Whether “Harry Potter” rocked your childhood in book or movie format, it remains a pop culture staple.

And if we have now thrown its author, JK Rowling, in the trash because of infamous transphobic positions, the world of Hogwarts, him, continues to enchant us. It's even a safe bet that you regularly imagine yourself as a witch or wizard: one day a member of the Gryffindor house to courageously carry out your projects, another Slytherin, to play your enemies with class and a good dose of nastiness … Unless your aversion to Voldemort and his minions makes you lean towards the comfortable Hufflepuff house, or simply, a well-stashed position of professor of divination.

Fan ofHarry potter, do you want to know which character from the saga suits you best? No magic recipe, but a quiz that will let you know if you are more of a potential Hermione Granger, the female version of Ron Weasley or if a venerable Dumbledore is sleeping in you. Have you come across the abominable Dolores Umbridge? No need to repeat the test, the oracles will have spoken. To your chopsticks, get set, answer!

Melanie Bonvard

She has seen Friends 578 times and questions the female gaze in films and series, because women's voices count and everything is a question of…