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The full moon of May 16, 2022 is special since it is a moon in Scorpio and a lunar eclipse. She is very powerful. What signs are affected?

The moon is a star that plays a important role on all signs of the zodiac. In the birth chart, the moon sign (i.e. the position of the moon on the day of your birth), shapes your emotions and your soul. It colors all the subconscious things going on below the surface and your deepest needs. The moon and its positions during full moons and new moons can impact all zodiac signs differently. This full moon on the night of May 15 to 16, 2022 is special since it is a lunar eclipse. Moreover, she is in Scorpio, and therefore has particular and powerful energies. It also occurs when Mercury retrogrades…

When a full moon is in Scorpio, your instinct is at the heart of everything. The energies of this full moon are very intense and connect you with your spirituality and your sexuality. Your most buried emotions resurface. “This full moon encourages us to moult (…) to purify ourselves, which can lead to emotionality, nervousness, and even a certain form of depression”explains Stéphanie Lafranque in her book Gardiennes de la lune published by Harmonie Solar. “It brings up experiences that we had buried deep down which can be unpleasant to let go. But if we overcome these fears, it is a profound spiritual change that is at work.“Not all signs are ready or open to this type of change. And unsurprisingly it is Scorpio, the main interested party, who will suffer the most from this full moon.

Full moon of May 16, 2022: which signs are affected?

A full moon in Scorpio, and even more, a full moon in lunar eclipse, invites all the signs of the zodiac to a deep introspection: what are your beliefs? Are your friendships and romantic relationships sincere? Are you fulfilled? All signs need to ask themselves these questions. It is Scorpio who will be the sign most upset by the arrival of this celestial event. The other two water signs (Pisces and Cancer) will also be impacted: their emotions will be even more intense, they have to be careful not to get overwhelmed.

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