“Who did that crime?”: The Greens’ campaign clip earns a lot of ridicule

“Who did that crime?”
The Greens election campaign clip earns a lot of ridicule

The Greens are going viral on the internet right now. But this time it’s not up to Annalena Baerbock or any demands for funding for two-wheelers. The party wants to convince with a rewritten folk song classic, but the Internet community laughs at this election campaign.

With an election campaign repositioning of the folk song “No beautiful country”, the Greens are attracting attention and a lot of malice on Twitter. “Suspicious for a hit,” commented one user ironically under the one-minute clip. “Honestly folks, who did that?” The presentation of the rewritten lyrics turns out to be very crooked here and there. Another user said: “I guess they have chosen bad singers here to make the hearts of the potential voters melt with emotion: Oh, he sings just as badly as I do! That’s a REAL person!”

A line from the green version of the song: “A new departure is stirring far and wide – on new paths – do not stand still – at this time”. In the end, the Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock and co-party leader Robert Habeck also appear.

According to the Greens, the clip will run in “selected online channels” from Tuesday. The clip is also to be shown on television for the first time in the evening on Das Erste. The party relies on “more than 20 supporters” instead of professional singers, according to the Greens. Accordingly, they sing individual lines of the rewritten lyrics at home or at work.

In addition to many amused Twitter users, satirist Jan Böhmermann also mocks about the party and as a reaction to the clip asks the smug question: “Maybe the Greens don’t WANT to be elected ?!” But in addition to all the mischief, there are also people on the Internet who have succeeded in the spot and find the idea behind it positive: “Nice spot. Real people. You rarely have artificial perfection otherwise. (And if you don’t like it, you can do it with retort music , Autotune and Photoshop remain.) “Commented someone else.