who is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the actor tipped to replace Daniel Craig?

Who will replace Daniel Craig to become the next James Bond? This is the question everyone has been asking for 3 years! And Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s name is on everyone’s lips right now.

This Monday, March 18, The Sun started a rumor which quickly spread: Aaron Taylor-Johnson could replace Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond. As a reminder, other actors had already been mentioned to take up this cult role, like Cillian Murphy (47 years old), Henry Cavill (40 years old), Idris Elba (51 years old) or even Tom Hardy (46 years old) . But it seems that youth has won out once again, as Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the youngest candidate at the top of his 33 Years.

“Aaron will be signing his contract in the next few days. They can start preparing for the big announcement,” revealed The Sun. And on March 12, Aaron Taylor-Johnson indicated how much he found “charming and wonderful that people [le] see in this role”, without forgetting to specify that he took this rumor as “a great compliment.” So if his name doesn’t mean anything to you, here’s what you need to know about the British actor.

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The facts to know about Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the potential future James Bond

First, Aaron Taylor-Johnson rose to prominence in 2010, starring in the film Kick-Ass. And in 2015, he joined the Avengers in the role of superhero Pietro Maximoff, known as the twin brother of the Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Its notoriety is confirmed in 2022 thanks to the film Bullet Train where he opposite Brad Pitt. On the cinema side, we will soon find him in the films The Fall Guy, Kraven the Hunter, but also Rothko or Fuze.

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And on the heart side? Unfortunately, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is no longer a heart to be taken. In fact, it is married to British director Sam Taylor-Wood. The lovers met in October 2008 on the set of the film NowhereBoy. He only has 18 years old at the time and his beautiful one is 41. Yes, the couple is 23 years apart!

A love story like no other

An age difference which did not prevent them from falling in love and, above all, from making a life together. Furthermore, Aaron Taylor-Johnson confided in 2014 that his meeting with Sam Taylor-Wood gave him “save the life” because he had a bad penchant for alcohol and tobacco before his relationship. After only 6 months of dating, the couple announced their engagement in October 2009.

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In 2010, their first little girl Wylda Rae appeared, closely followed by a second, Romy Hero, in 2012. After their marriage in 2012, Aaron Taylor-Johnson became the stepfather of his wife’s two daughters. , from a previous union. So, will the 33-year-old actor be our next Agent 007? To be continued…

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