Who is Malika Sorel-Sutter, the new recruit of the National Rally for the European elections?

Alexandre Chauveau

The essayist Malika Sorel-Sutter, author of several books on secularism and immigration, officially joins the National Rally list during the next European elections. Born to Algerian parents, graduated from Science Po Paris and former supporter of François Fillon, the arrival of the writer is a welcome new rallying point for Jordan Bardella.

She is the new recruit of the National Rally: the essayist Malika Sorel-Sutter, author of several books on immigration or secularism, joins Jordan Bardella’s list in the European elections, on which she will be number 2.

Former member of the High Council for Integration under Nicolas Sarkozy, she says she wants, with this rally, to participate in the “French recomposition”. A surprise appointment, even if his career and his positions correspond to the speech of today’s National Rally. Malika Sorel, born in France to Algerian parents, lived for around fifteen years in Algeria before settling permanently in France. An engineer by training, then a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, she stands out for her writings on school and the defense of assimilation.

Support from François Fillon in 2017

She became involved in politics at the time of the 2005 riots, alongside Dominique de Villepin. Two years later, she published her first book, The Integration Puzzle, where she denounces the guilt of the French for their colonial past and the use of positive discrimination. Two years after the publication of her work, in 2009, Nicolas Sarkozy appointed her a member of the High Council for Integration, where she developed firm positions on secularism.

The one who sees herself as “an intellectual in politics” finally supports François Fillon during the 2017 presidential campaign, until the Trocadéro meeting where she appears on stage just behind him. She says today she wants to fight against “migratory, security and educational chaos”.

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