who is Stanley Milfort, the Dancing with the Stars juror’s companion for 20 years?

The amazing dancer who joined the jury this year in Dancing with the Stars, Mel Charlot, is also a fulfilled wife and mother. But who is her husband, Stanley Milfort?

The new season of Dancing with the Stars is in full swing, and has seen many twists and turns. Not just about the competition, but also and especially about what happens behind the scenes of the show. Two dancers from the program are the source of a big bad buzz: Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg . In turn, the candidates spoke in front of the camera on their Instagram account to explain their own version of the facts.

The production decided not to get involved publicly, and kept silent on the subject. Viewers, who don’t miss a bit of what’s happening on the floor, had a surprise during the last prime when they learned that Inès Reg had suffered from illness towards the end of the show . A lot of things happen during this season.

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Mel Charlot: new member of the Dancing with the Stars jury

There is not only drama during this season, but also new faces. Whether on the side of the professional dancers who accompany the stars, but also on the jury. The three key members of the jury Chris Marques, Jean-Marc Généreux and Fauve Hautot welcomed Mel Charlot, a professional dancer who is particularly kind and touching towards the candidates, while remaining fair in her notes.

This is not her first jury role, as she was also responsible for grading candidates for the Canadian version of the program. Her accent is also part of her charm, and she can hardly hide her origins, similar to those of her comrade, Jean-Marc Généreux. The dancer has also participated in the shows Lip Sync Battle, So You Think You Can Dance and Masked Singer. Her CV is well-stocked, since she is also a renowned choreographer, who has danced for Beyoncé, Lizzo and even Cardi B.

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