Who’s to blame? – The clash between the Viennese U2 continues to pose a mystery

The shock after the crash of a U2 with passengers is deep. Causes and consequences are currently being analyzed.

A serious accident occurred on Friday evening around 7:30 p.m. at the U2 Schottentor station. An incoming subway train collided with a construction vehicle, a so-called rail-bound construction trailer. A blessing in disguise: According to the fire department, the U2 was traveling at low speed and there were relatively few passengers in the Silver Arrow carriages. According to a spokeswoman for Wiener Linien, there were 120 passengers. Although the driver immediately initiated an orderly emergency braking, the crash could not be prevented; six people were slightly injured. The Wiener Linien emphasize that the driver’s “considerate and careful behavior prevented something worse from happening.” How could this happen? Trigger for The collision was caused by the construction trailer that got onto the tracks. How exactly this could have happened – whether it was a human or technical error – will be clarified in the next few days. No details yet. But the accident will definitely have consequences, at least financial ones. Wiener Linien does not want to provide any precise information at the moment. Just this much: “The train was taken to the workshop.” The construction of the new U5 line and the expansion of the U2 are the prestige projects of the Wiener Linien. Construction work started in mid-2021 – since then the U2 line has not run between Karlsplatz and Schottentor. When school starts in September, the purple line is scheduled to run the entire route again. The first section of the U5 will go into operation in 2026.
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